Thanking you To. appointment letter. Sample letter format to lodge a police F.I.R for loss of original certificates From Your Name Your Address Your Phone Number Your Email ID To The Superintendent of Police Address of your local station Respected Sir, Sample letter to the Police to take action against harassment.These letters can be used by anyone who wants to report against general harassment, domestic abuse or harassment in office. The mobile is an Apple iphone, with removeable red colour case. Here is our free police complaint letter that you can write to the relevant police department. Mrs. Kindly look into this matter and find the thieves. You address your complaint to the officer in charge of the police station within whose jurisdiction the occurrence took place. Filed Under: Complaint Letter Tagged With: New Letters, Tips for writing a police complaint letter, Address the relevant authority appropriately, Mention the date and place where the event occurred, You may mention which department you wish to handle your case, You may provide evidence to support the complaint, I hereby write this letter on behalf of Baex Company to bring to your attention that there was an attempted burglary in our offices which are  located 618 Hillside Rd. Here you can learn how to write a Harassment Complaint Letter to Police. A police complaint letter is written to request for legal action or an adjustment following a particular event or situation. Example 1: Write a letter to the Police Inspector of your area informing about an attempted theft that took place in your house. Sexual harassment is one form of workplace harassment, but it isn’t the only form. This letter may also be written to complain about lost items, assault, or disturbance of any kind. Complaint letter about the theft of Mobile Phone. Letter to police- Examples, sample letter to police . I was walking home at ____________ when someone snatched my bag. As soon as I shouted, I heard the footsteps of people running hurridly out of the house. Sample format of Complaint to be filed with Police in a Cheating case is given below: Date: _____ 20__ To The Station House Officer _____ Delhi Complaint against the following accused to register a FIR under section 403, 405, 406, 420, 120B and other relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code. The thief vanished from the scene and I could not chase them. School Donation Request Letter … I have been through a lot in my life but this is something I wish no one would ever go through. Please contact me through my cell ____________ if you have any information in this matter. Address of police station. Kindly do the needful as soon as possible so that I can recover the lost items. is recorded in instances of cognizable felonies, i.e., crimes of dangerous nature, while in cases of non-cognizable infractions, a D.D.R. Also mention the value of the mobile phone lost. We were sleeping on the roof of the house. In this video today we will know how to write the application complaint letter to police for lost mobile phone or smartphone in English. It is addressed to the police department requesting legal action to be taken over the issue. tamil dowry complaint letter to police. Sub: Complaint regarding the theft of the mobile phone. 06 September 2020. We wish to request that you open an investigation into this matter urgently so that we can know who attempted the burglary and the reason for breaking into our offices. Downloaded > 6,000 times. The Circle Inspector, _____ Police Station. They stole a lot of things from our house, and the list of its value is mentioned below: Mobile Phone ( iPhone 6) worth Rs. I, Reuben Dsouza, am writing this letter in sheer desperation. If you are using mobile phone, you could also use menu drawer from browser. When the alarm was tripped, the person trying to break in fled. Mr. _____ Accused No. Following is a template of writing a letter to the police station regarding missing or lost or stolen wallet. Date:_______________(on which the letter was written). If there is loss of any important document or certificate then writing a complaint letter format to the police station is important. Sample Complaint letter or application to police for loss of documents/ certificates. Check out a police complaint letter in an email format that will help you write an official letter. I have faith in the system and I hope for your assistance in this matter. Accessed the sample police complaint letter for cheque bounce cases owing to insuuficent balance required. The eve teasing incidents are growing in number, and no girl feels safe. As soon as the said mobile is recovered, kindly inform to THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED, CHANDIGARH, Divisional Office, SCO 104-106, 1st Floor, Sector 34 A, Chandigarh with whom I have filed an insurance claim. And you give the exact details of the occurrence in your complaint with the name or names of the person or persons who abused and beat you. The mobile number is _______. A complaint should be made as soon as possible and doing so poses no financial risk to you. I am proud that, the Service Delivery System of Kerala Police has received appreciation from the people and this website will contain information, which will help the Public to ask for legitimate services from the Police. Official Letter Example “Write a letter of complaint for insanitary condition” Complete Official Letter for all classes. A complaint letter to the chief of police of misconduct involving a police officer. Your Name, Address, Mobile Number. Please look into this matter urgently so that we can feel safe again in our office. Then enter the name and address of the person receiving the letter. I am writing this letter to complain about the theft that happened last night at my house. Feb 14, 2019 - Sample Complaint letter format to police station for loss of documents or certificates. Date: 13 th January 2016 I am extremely delighted that, Kerala Police is switching to the new CMS Platform for its Website. Let's us learn here how to approach police station and make a request to file F.I.R for your loss of certificates. If you believe that your mobile phone was lost or misdirected, you should go to the police station nearby to the place where the phone was forgotten or lost, and get a Daily Dairy Report (D.D.R.) 1. This would prevent potential abuse of the number. I hope for a quick adjustment to this problem. 2562+ FREE LETTER Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Excel (XLS), Google Sheets (SPREADSHEETS) Here you can learn how to write a Harassment Complaint Letter to Police. 1 New Delhi 2. Officer’s Name, Officer’s Designation, Police Station’s Address, Respected Sir, Date:____________ (Date on which letter is written). Double space and add a RE: and enter the reason for the letter briefly in all caps if you don’t know who is g You can be harassed by a supervisor or by a co-worker. The goons have become a menace for every girl. Sample Complaint Letter. Since last week, a new tenant who has moved next door house number 365 disturbs us with loud music until late into the night. The main paragraph of the body should contain details of the event/problem/issue. Sample Complaint Letter to Police Station for Loss of Documents. Write to the local police station, giving details of who you are, what happened and ask to record your details so that you can apply for a new ID card. Have a look at the police complaint letter template and sample letters that will guide you through. Please register a complaint for the above mentioned stolen mobile and assist us in tracing the same at the earliest. Sub: Loss of the Mobile phone Respected sir, I am , w/o , currently residing at
, w/o , currently residing at

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