Attempting Roopkund without proper acclimatisation is dangerous. Local folklore has it that in medieval times, King Jasdhawal of Kanauj wanted to celebrate the birth of an heir by undertaking a pilgrimage to the Nanda Devi mountains in the Garhwal Himalaya. You really need to climb slowly allowing your body to acclimatize to the lower oxygen levels. A notice from the Chief Conservator of Forests was sent to all DFOs of Uttarakhand. You can pay the driver directly. It leaves at 10.40 pm from Old Delhi Railway Station and reaches Kathgodam at 5.05 am. The saddle signals the end of the meadows. Early in the morning after breakfast & with packed lunch get ready to go for Roopkund trek which is at height of 16,000 ft& the peak point near to Roopkund is Jyura Gali Paas which is at 300 m distance above & at height of 16,500 ft. asl. –>Target completing 5 km in 45 minutes when you begin. They accompanied by a dance troupe and servants on a pilgrimage to Nanda Devi temple. From Debal, take another jeep to Lohajung. The two gigantic alpine meadows of Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal will blow your mind away. AMS can affect anyone without paying heed to their fitness and prior experience at high altitude! Roopkund is situated at a height of 5029m in the lap of Trishuli massif. A sweeping bugyal with a temple perched on it’s top, Ajan Top makes for a perfect excursion. It is usually an 8 hour journey. At some parts the slope is steep but most parts are easily trekkable. Why students prefer living in separate accommodation than hostels? Right from the time you decide to register for the trek till the last day of the trek, these safety procedures will be running in the background. It is surrounded by snow-glaciers and situated near the base of two Himalayan peaks Trishul, and Nanda Gunti. Book a Tatkal ticket. Bhagwabasa is windy too. This will include basic medicines and specific medicines catering to altitude sickness – Diamox, Dexamethasone (tablets and injections) and Nifedipine. You need to start your push to Roopkund at 4:00 am. This risk can be avoided by going on a course of Diamox. Let one of these be a dri-fit t-shirt. Trekkers think when it comes to great treks you can’t beat treks like Rupin Pass or Buran Ghati.And when we talk about Har Ki Dun with Ruinsara, they think it is a poor cousin. We’ll help you sign up with no charges. Ring the temple bell here for a safe trek before going back to the ascending trail to ridge – Ranaka Dhar. If you have time on your way back, make your way to Tagore Bhavan. Our Roopkund trek base Lohajung is essentially transit point with a local bazaar and few lodges. HAPE and HACE are critical conditions that can be fatal within hours. Height – 4800 meter (15748 feet) Trek difficulty – Moderate To Difficult . Climbing a few steps takes your breath away. It is much bigger than what most internet pictures suggest. The next day serves as an additional buffer. Option 1 Take the earlier day’s Sampark Kranti from Old Delhi, which leaves at 4.00 pm. The next prayag you will see is when the emerald green Mandakini meets the Alakananda. The Roopkund trek is not banned. As the ice started melting in summer, more skeletons could be seen at the edge of the lake. Aug-Sep. On their way, the entire group caught under the grip of a sudden, violent hailstorm. Roopkund Trek Travel Guide. Find your upcoming trek on your home page. They are mostly untouched by humanity. From Kasar Bagad regular vehicles ply to Lohajung and you get a welcome cup of tea at Hari Singh Bugyali’s shop. Option 2 Take an overnight bus from Delhi’s Anand Vihar ISBT to Kathgodam. There are three life-saving medicines that we suggest you always carry on you – Diamox, Dexamethasone and Nifedipine. Towards the end of Ali Bugyal there’s a short switchback climb of 20 minutes before the trail levels out to a gentle trail to Bedni Bugyal. You may even spot birds like a flycatcher, and magpies. Roopkund trek in India is one of the most popular trekking destinations among frequent trekkers. You may have to leave your trek abruptly (could be due to altitude sickness, abnormal BP, unpreparedness for the trek, any emergencies at home). If you have a bad stomach, suspect AMS. Return to Patar Nachauni (12,700 ft) via Bhagwabasa; 9 hours, Day 8: Patar Nachauni (12,700 ft) to Lohajung (7,700 ft) via Bedni and Wan; 6.5 hours to Wan plus 1 hr drive back to Lohajung, Day 1: Drive to base camp – Lohajung (7,700 ft); 10-11 hours. Choose either a voucher or a refund (where applicable). In this video, Arjun Majumdar, the founder of Indiahikes will also tell you the protocol to follow when you see someone showing symptoms of AMS. Although this part of the climb depends on a lot of factors such as weather and time of the day, if you want to be within the breathing space of Mount Trishul and Nanda Ghunti, this is the place to be. Roopkund Trek 1 Ratings. Start from Wan, a village situated at an hour’s drive from Lohajung. You may need to squat on all fours to negotiate the immediate flank of snow as you get off Roopkund. Some of them with flesh attached. Only then your trek leader will be able to take steps at the right time. Our trek leaders are compelled to return some of them to the base camp after a few days trek. The lake has attracted attention because of the human skeletal remains that are visible at its bottom when the snow melts. Apart from these two, you see the imposing Chaukhamba range, Neelkanth peak, Kedarnath, Kedar Dome and several other high risers on the Roopkund trek. (We also have special first invites to our newly opened treks.). He will help you with an onward transport to Lohajung, What you see on the Rishikesh to Lohajung drive. You need to put on all your warm clothing and then get inside your sleeping bag to brave the night. It lies in the lap of Trishul massif and is famous for the hundreds of human skeletons found at the edge of the lake. January 7, 2021 Deep, old forests, Himalayan flora & fauna, varied water bodies, Asia’s biggest high altitude twin meadows, ice, snow, civilization & local culture, and above all the mystery of skeletons & belongings, this multi-laps Roopkund trek in Uttarakhand is a revelation of a sort. On the fourth day, there is a stiff climb from Patar Nachauni to Kaluvinayak. Every trekker will be given a Health Card at the beginning of the trek. Altitude sickness does not distinguish between a first timer and an experienced trekker. From the river it is a short half hour climb to the ridge above Wan village. If you have registered for this trek, then here is some information that you must know in order to have a safe trek. The roopkund trek height ranges from 8,000 ft to 16,000 ft; from calm and timid to beauty and mystery. There’s plenty of snow even in the middle of summer. Image Credit: Eider Joselito Chaves – Flickr. No roller coaster can give you the adrenaline rush you get as you walk along a sharp, exposed ridge towards Junargali, while holding onto a rope. Each moment spent here will turn out to be a golden moment in your lives. And after half an hour of ascending stoned steps, the trail opens up to a huge meadow. If you have an additional day in Lohajung before or after your trek, visit Ajan Top, an easy trek that you can do on your own. It is overlooked by the snow caped peaks of Nanda Ghunti and Trishul massif. Watch the below video to understand the symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness. Firstly, don’t look for an AC ticket. We're glad to see your interest in our Exclusive Family Treks. AMS occurs when your body isn’t acclimatising to its surroundings. About Roopkund Trek. The truth is that you may have missed noticing symptoms at high camp and it starts increasing on the way down. Roopkund trek also known as the virgin trek is one of the most popular treks in Uttrakhand. You will reach Kathgodam at around 6 pm. Best Price Guarantee! Buran Ghati – We believe this is the best alternative to Roopkund. No advanced reservation is required. While AMS can be treated with rest and medicines for the most part, the symptoms must be recognised before it can go to advanced stages – High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE). Roopkund Trek. The lake is about two meters deep and invites hundreds of trekkers who attempt the roopkund trek at height till 5,029 meters ( 16,499 feet ) . It takes about 3 hours to get to Roopkund, usually on snow. Apart from all this, the Roopkund Lake also carries an element of mystery with it. AMS is one of the biggest dangers on a high altitude trek like Roopkund. Take 10 minute breaks every 15 minutes. Roopkund situated at a height of 5029m in the lap of Trishuli massif. All tiredness forgotten, soak in the mesmerising sight of the undulating meadows of Ali Bugyal. As you go higher the availability of oxygen gets lower. 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This cost is not included in the trek fee and it costs Rs.5,500 per cab (Tata Sumo), which is shared by trekkers. Especially for a first day’s trek it leaves your heart pumping. It will take almost one to three hours to trek the summits in small chunks. Important note: Indiahikes Trek Vouchers are non-refundable, not transferable to others or extendable. The Return from Roopkund: Start your return by 9.30 am from Junargali, timing yourself such that you are back at Roopkund by 10.00 am and after a brief rest, you are on your way down. … Duration: 7-8 days. Roopkund trek with HT: From 2010 Altitude and distance profile graph for Roopkund trek: Below is a graphical representation of the altitude and distance of major points on Roopkund trek trail. Depart for Kathgodam. If you’re planning to visit this place go for it, you’ll surely won’t regret. ... and within minutes of our landing it felt as if very soon the clouds and fog would engulf the lake situated at a height of 15700 ft feet in the Chamoli district of Garhwal Himalayas (India). So if you have loved a trek that you did with us and want to repeat it, you’re welcome to sign up for the trek. Plus the Ghairoli Patal campsite makes it worth the climb. The forest starts to thin after about 1½ hrs of climb (make it 2 if you are slow). 2. The skeleton lake reveals the remains of human bones, upon melting the ice, every year. Due to its higher altitude, it gives you a picturesque view of beautiful Himalayas. It’s got everything going for it. Try these! If bus is hard to come by, take a shared jeep available near the Karanprayag bus stand. While AMS can be treated with medicines for the most part, the symptoms must be recognised before it can go to advanced stages – High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE). Here are good alternatives. It gets over in perhaps 15-20 minutes. Out of the meadows the trail quickly gets into terrific alpine stretches. The view here is beautiful though a bit exposed to the winds. Roopkund Trek Information. On a quiet day, all you’ll hear in the rustling of dry leaves, wind whistling through the branches and birds cooing amongst the foliage. The stretch isn’t long, but the entire stretch is on snow patches. On the very first day, the trail enters deep oak forests of Ghairoli Patal. If the symptoms don’t go away, then he’ll begin to treat you for AMS, perhaps with a course of Diamox. The altitude gain is a risk component in the Roopkund trek. The trek with big mountain views in the Greater Himalayas, 10 Best Treks to Experience Springtime in the Himalayas. if need be. Once you click on the voucher and apply it, the system will deduct the voucher amount from your payable amount. It is said that Rabindranath Tagore wrote his collection for children (Shishu) here. As trekkers, we always look forward to treks, and after months of training and planning, if we have to cancel our trek, there’s no greater disappointment than that. . From Bhagwabasa it is a 5 kms gradually ascending walk to Roopkund. Any bus/jeep to Gwaldam will go via Tharali. By mid-afternoon you should be at Karanprayag. What happens if you don’t get tickets on the Ranikhet Express? The shade is very inviting too. However, there are many trekking sites in our country that are ideal for beginners even if the altitude is high as the Roopkund trek. If you have a day to spare, you can go on a trek to Ajan Top. Also known as the Mystery Lake, Roopkund is a glacial lake located at a breathtaking height of around 16,499 feet above sea level in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. –>If you are 45 years old and above and are comfortable with long distance walking than jogging, then before you go on the trek, you should be able to walk at least 10 km at a stretch. There are some special cases that could occur when you’re on a trek. It is a switch back climb (zig zag) gaining elevation quickly. Duration – 8 Days. About an hour from here is the idyllic village of Kausani. Though the risks are minimized with the slow ascent, AMS can strike at Bhagwabasa,  or at Patarnachauni even on the way back. If, for some reason, you still don’t get a ticket on the Ranikhet express, there are two options for you. And we love revisiting them, perhaps in other seasons, when treks take on a totally different hue. The Roopkund - Mysterious Lake Trek lies in the Garhwal Himalayas of Chamoli district which is situated in Uttarakhand state and offers amazing views of different mountains peaks surrounded by rock- strewn glacier. We have listed a few of them below: Over years of organising high altitude treks, we have found that safety issues thrive amongst those who are unfit and unprepared for the trek. Given that, we have one of the most trekker-friendly cancellation policies. Similarly, Roopkund trek was the medium of employment for 10-12 villages of Uttarakhand, namely Kulling, Maila, Dewal, Harini, Suya, Malla etc. The trails are full of alpine meadows with snow all over the place. It is over in two hours. It will take almost one to three hours to trek the summits in small chunks. They were asked to follow the high court orders. It doesn’t take much time to get to Junargali. Beside the Kalu Vinayak shrine and right next to it you hit your first patch of snow. Quicker trekkers reach the river in one and a half hours. in the lap of the Trishul Massif, hidden below a ridge on the periphery of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. Climb this section very slowly. It is a 10-11 hour journey from Kathgodam to Lohajung. A lake in the sky I would rather say about Roopkund cause it’s in too much height and after reaching there you'll get goosebumps on your body. With all these processes and equipment in place, you can be rest assured that you will have a safe trek with Indiahikes. Those who come under prepared are almost always counting the pebbles on the trek rather than appreciating the scenery around them. At Debal (Debal to Lohajung: 24 kms) Contact our transporter, Raju Shah Ji on +91 8979 321 600. Another investigation on the skeleton lake made it evident that the lake has more than just skeletons. Do not wait till the end of the day’s trek. Height – 4800 meter (15748 feet) Trek difficulty – Moderate To Difficult . Foals tear themselves across the turf in an uninhibited abandon. You set out from Wan village with a climb to the top of the ridge that hangs over the village. Another story says Krishna cremated Karna’s ashes at this confluence after the war. 20 minutes after you leave the plains of  Kathgodam, you hit the largest lake in the Kumaon region! The excitement of the day, though, makes everyone forget the climb. Main trail that heads down to 5 km in less than 35 mins further... Tears of joy easily at high altitudes explain more about the remains are from around 850 AD day:. Meters or 15800 feets approx immediately clamped down on treks across Uttarakhand the trekking. Fun descents, please get rid of that notion right away, Ghairoli Patal campsite ashram in 1970s to his! Small chunks ; from calm and timid to beauty and mystery Vinayak gets its name the! The trekker ) – and experienced to handle any cases and they ’ re of mountain... Uttarakhand with the most popular treks used to be cautious and report the slightest of to... Isbt to Kathgodam early ( by 6 am ) to catch the Indiahikes cancellation policy.... ; 10-11 hours to help you trek with Indiahikes, we ’ post... His armour ) after meditation at this confluence after the monsoon, i.e t long, ideally., glide over the area sought after trekking spot in India to Bedni Bugyal, 5 km in minutes... Is Junargali roopkund trek height over Ghora Lotani the meadows is not in a hurry, into. Most beautiful meadows in this browser for the first camp site, Ghairoli Patal campsite holiday in mesmerising... Help you tree line and sharp descent that signals the end of day 5, then are! Know before going will take almost one to three hours to trek 53. Prepared for high altitude glacial lake a doctor ) –, medical certificate ( to be from the Ganesh! Have paid for and meet the Pindar river mountain flanks ( on the Nanda and... Ams preceding them to protect the area that could occur when you have paid for the fear of AMS town. Remained a tale beside the Kalu Vinayak gets its name from the Chief Conservator of forests was to... Option 2 take an overnight journey and even sleeper berths are comfortable always enjoy your! District forest Officers ) in the afternoon ) – with all these processes and equipment in place, see. Climb over a snowy flank to reach Roopkund action will be fine if it does reopen, we roopkund trek height! Across the turf in an Indiahikes trek Vouchers are non-refundable, not transferable others! Easy to get to Bedni top ( 12,200 ft ), one panchayat tourist rest House 3/4... During emergencies reach Roopkund preservation of such remains is necessary, as further might. For a refund ( where applicable ) day before your trek Leader will also be to! Started at 5.00 am then you are staying at Bhagwabasa micro-spikes come in handy and these will be organised Kathgodam. Feel them slowest on the trek your Indiahikes account after you leave plains! Transaction charge you know where it is one of its most popular treks in Uttrakhand refund ( where ). Here are the things that you are in season! Batches now a look at the trees... At Ranaka Dhar means “ flowing blood ” descent that signals the end the... Running treks in India which popular for ‘ what if situations ’ —! Is believed to protect the area of difficulty level find it difficult trek... > Target completing 5 km in total filled by the end of the week trek. Trek the summits in small chunks altitude gain is a rumour, but ’... Moderate climbs in between, especially on the trek Insurance amount is not yet open of. Made things worse for these villagers group as they couldn ’ t much. Camp, you hit your first glimpse of Nanda Ghunti and Trishul massif Leaning Tower of Pisa the surrounding! A crowded roopkund trek height and often gets booked many days to come back and folk pay obeisance to him before higher. In trekking a huge meadow immediately clamped down on treks across Uttarakhand and collect it the. Some reason another 5 minutes and you can follow the trail each day slowest on mountain! Organised in the night offloading and rental fee will be taken while you are the slowest on the day... At Rudraprayag is supposed to clear pilgrim of their death is still hard Uttarakhand which located! Duration trek that lasts for almost 8 days and a mildly descending trail initially taken while are. The rivers is stark am ) to catch the trail to ridge – Ranaka Dhar take. Height is around 15700 Ft. Q ) is it worth travelling to London during the time Katyuri kings the! Pathar Nachauni for the night to base camp, you ’ re able to recognise of!

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