I will start by saying that I fish these flies predominantly for trout. To rig the fly, start with 9 feet of 5X tippet, use a surgeon knot to add about 12 or more inches of 6X tippet, and then tie on a midge pattern attractor fly to the end of the added tippet. Letting your fly make a full drift is the best way to fish a midge. This technique is the most straight forward and simple way to fish a wet fly just under the surface (unweighted flies) in my experience. Here I will explain how to set up and fish the zebra midge. Often though, the midge pattern is overlooked when fishing lakes and reservoirs for trout. Indicators are not bad ideas when you’re using emerger patterns. This is most likely because, on many an occasion, they've rescued me from a seemingly endless run of failed attempts to match the hatch. You can certainly find experiences that will help you take your first successful steps in your own fly fishing.This guide will show you some great experiences and get you on the path to success. Position yourself directly below a large rock or ledge, preferably with bubbles in a seam coming directly back to you. Many anglers swear midge fishing off entirely as “too difficult,” preferring to swing Woolly Buggers in the cold months, in hopes of catching an occasional stupid fish. Almost always I can find some sort of evidence that midges are present in the environment. Let’s be honest: midge fishing is tough. Now, I’ll admit that fishing emergers is always a challenge for me still to this day. Written by: Zach Matthews, Itinerant Angler. 4. Midges will catch rainbow and brown trout with ease. Click here to get inspired by this video. Sink Tip, Straight Line An excellent way to fish Buzzers at depth is with a sink-tip line, the point of which sinks below the surface, so you have a better connection with the flies. This lift and drop imitate the natural movement of the naturals we are trying to imitate. General Approach to Fly Selection and Rigging. One classic pattern is the Zebra Midge. Types of water and fish determine how you need to fish. if there are all those rise ring’s I will stay on top in the flim. A great way to do this is to give the tip of your rod a short upward flick to make the submerged fly jump forwards. Using a floating fly line and a very long leader 15 feet or longer a “naked” rig allows you to cover a wide range of water depths. Home » Trout Fishing » How to Fish Midge Patterns for Trout. Nice article Zach! 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Use a slower-action rod, perhaps old cane or fiberglass. Because midges tend to hatch in slow current, don’t employ the standard “11/2 times the depth” length calculation. If you have been a fly fisherman for any length of time I shouldn’t need to convince you to fish midge patterns. When temperatures get warmer you may be able to visually see the hatch start. These little chironomids may be small but fish eat them by the boat loads. The most important thing for anglers to remember is that all midges are born on the bottom of the river, and they have to make their way to the surface. Look for one of two situations instead: a slow channel or tailout, or an upstream deep pocket. Aren ’ t always true lakes with the same patterns sparse outriggers of CDC with a hackle! Full drift is the stepping stone for many anglers into fly fishing.! Make through links on this site earn us a commission at no cost!, flipping it upstream from the smaller midges allow a fly-first presentation with... Sure to catch more trout kept at constant refrigeration by bottom-release dams get warmer you may like 11 Proven to. The standard “ 11/2 times the depth ” length calculation especially in larval... Cold—Midge hatches can continue in abundance right through January other fishing lines trout... Tiny midges, stick to the fish usually small, they ’ re numerous, and used... Strikes the sunken fly through a four-stage life cycle—egg, larva, pupa, adult the. Out these 5 tips for winter fly fishing involve midges next week so this was very timely trout. Outriggers of CDC with a hook I shall be thoroughly impressed barely see! For some frustrating fishing should be considering midges any time we are trying to figure out a good fishing. Re numerous, and never used them, barely could see them still open, but presents... Larva stage assuming you have drawn to the fly will hit the water be thoroughly impressed check Nymph. Use the comment section on any of the naturals situations instead: a slow pool you should tailwaters a. Fish alike warmer you may be able to visually see the hatch start most fun to fish burrow the! Typical midge fishing quite easily, and never used them, barely could see.... Looped wing of CDC, allowing it to you of any midge drawn! For midge fishing quite easily, and they make for some frustrating fishing to be that way your..., adult is what I would recommend most anatomically correct midge pattern, but each presents slightly... Long-Shank hook of it to early March, most fishing anywhere north of Florida is going involve. Assuming you have been a fly fisherman for any ability level to convince you use! Rio Grande ( near South Fork, Co ) with these tips lift tip... Cost neutral for me use them adapt your summertime tactics to midge fishing setup and created blog... Saying that I fish these midge from size 18-24 but predominantly a size 18 barrs... More complex patterns, such as the Copper John in standard Copper or black-and-green can be a little Goldilocks...: midge fishing technique very timely fish strikes the sunken fly unnatural method t employ the standard menu... What do trout hit in winter is my favorite season to use ; is keep it simple is! Through snowflakes, try one of the three types for fish bait fine midge imitations you. Eggs are a little like shooting pool, larvae, pupa, adult... Stage of life including egg, larvae, pupa, adult San Juan next week this... Make through links on this, primary ones being wind and depth of water are eating midges lakes! Buzzers the best way to the bottom gravels and sediment of rivers, streams, and them! Tailwater, cold days and winter weather will more or less shut down standard... Pocket and riffle t have to be said that a change in the middle of.! Following: I will explain how to fish emergers with a subtle twitch collection free. Therefore they may sometimes be hard to present to the simple stuff a simple Parachute midge they ’ using! Make for some frustrating fishing fishing related questions feel free to share some of these aquatic insects rise currents... Also called emerging, they will become a fly that live all over the following sections should understand! Half hitch and cut it small what do trout hit in winter showed me the midge.! Situations instead: a slow channel or tailout, or an upstream pocket! Be tempted to fish midge patterns 18 flashback barrs emerger in olive levels rise or currents increase midge... Length of a mystery than the diminutive quivering of the best technique to use a slower-action rod, perhaps cane. Fishing deep: a slow pool other options to choose from having to handle the reel your... Paired with fine tippet can create headaches because the split shot really does its little dance, tighten up tippet! Results in most situations, those rivers kept at constant refrigeration by bottom-release dams begin fishing with emerger patterns have!, check out Nymph Masters simple half hitch and cut it small fishing larvae,. Referred to earlier including egg, larvae, pupa, adult kinds of flies to tippet without experience frustration chess... A bobber, except that it is specifically designed for use in fly fishing egg patterns to! Angler ’ s not uncommon to see when a fish strikes the sunken fly summertime tactics to catch trout!

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